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The Editors' Premier League Betting Battle 2013/14: Round 24

in UK
Date: Thu, Jan 30, 2014 Professional Internet Live Tournament Women

A bit of daylight at the top of the standings for Dan Thomas after his third profitable bet in succession, while at the bottom ...

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EPT10 Deauville: Believing in Bahram

Date: Thu, Jan 30, 2014

"He folded queens... he showed aces...!!!" The reporters were reporting to each other before sharing the news with anyone else. The hand was a story, the telling of which was hard to resist. Bahram Chobineh was already a story, of...

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Jackpot Capital Mobile Casino Giving 21% Bonus to Try its New Tap and Swipe Mobile Blackjack This Weekend

in Gamblogger
Date: Thu, Jan 30, 2014 Internet

jackpotcapital-mobileblackjack-160.pngMostly I play slots but like a lot of slots player I like a change once in awhile. When I do, Blackjack is my game. Since I've been playing casino games on my iPad Mini a lot lately I'm glad to see that one of my favourite mobile casinos, Jackpot Capital ...

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Dubai- Strange But Awesome

in Hotel @nyware
Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2014 Professional Live Tournament

Therandom-est(and most fascinating) place I've ever been this year is Dubai-man-made islands, indoor ski park,tallestskyscraper in the world, Burj Kalifia the coolest hotel Burj Arab, the biggest malls on the planet..Ok Do I have your attention....

See ...

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Vegas, Baby

in Adventures in Pokerland
Date: Tue, Jan 28, 2014

Our winter vacation is coming to an end. We left Arizona yesterday, stopping in Las Vegas for the first night. We got there ...

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Bitcoin sails on - Charlie Shrem & Robert Faiella face federal charges; markets shrug it off

in Pokerati
Date: Mon, Jan 27, 2014

Preet Bharara, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, today announced the unsealing of a federal criminal ...

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More actual poker

in Poker Grump
Date: Sun, Jan 26, 2014

I again woke up feeling like playing some poker, so once again I traipsed to Harrah's Cherokee. I lost $200 quickly though a ...

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Prague Trip Report

in Daleroxxu's Blogaments
Date: Thu, Jan 23, 2014

Over the first three weeks of December there were two major poker festivals in Prague, Czech Republic. It's an inexpensive ...

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Would PokerStars in NJ Have Been a Slam Dunk?

in Bill's Poker Blog
Date: Tue, Jan 21, 2014

A lot of people have been speculating about how the New Jersey market would have been shaped if PokerStars would have received a license to operate in the state. Most of the speculation begins with the assumption that PokerStars would […]

Don't Go ...

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Borgata poker tourney suspended on suspicion of counterfeit chips

in Atlantic City Poker Happenings
Date: Fri, Jan 17, 2014 Live Tournament Women

ATLANTIC CITY— A poker tournament at Atlantic City’s Borgata casino has been suspended while state casino regulators investigate whether someone used counterfeit chips.
Joe Lupo, the casino’s senior vice president, says its first tournament has been suspended for 24 hours as the state Division ...

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WSPL Goes to Vegas episode 3/1

in Poker Words - A Poker Blog
Date: Sun, Jan 12, 2014

The new year brings with it the new season of the WSPL. This year Rich, our second place finisher from season two opted out since he wouldn't be able to make many of the games. Our season one winner Greg is back, and we added a new player Jason S.

We now have ten players. The problem with this is PokerStars has nine player tables, so we play five handed until the first ...

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Happy New Year!!

in Poker in the Weeds
Date: Tue, Dec 31, 2013

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Package Update Again

in Sleep With the Fishes, Dine on the Whales
Date: Mon, Dec 30, 2013 Live

Email I sent for those that bought a piece of me:

Fired several bullets to win our way into the Main Event on my own dime through Megas. Those did not go well. Several times I ...

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2013 Review

in Full Trett Poker
Date: Thu, Dec 19, 2013 Live Tournament

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m rolling up my final digest of the year and my 2013 annual review in to one entry. This entry ...

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Last full day of #WPBT 2013

in OhCaptain Poker
Date: Sun, Dec 8, 2013 Internet Live Tournament

So many memories. I'm about to start the last day of the 2013 WPBT adventure that started last Thursday. This was the first year I had nothing planned but the tournament. Nothing. The plan was just see what happens and let adventures happen.

Wow. So far, that plan is worked beyond my wildest ...

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Top 10 Topics to Avoid at the Poker Table

in Betting for Value
Date: Wed, Dec 4, 2013 Internet

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General Updataments

in Online Poker Blog - Plan3t Gong
Date: Sun, Dec 1, 2013 Internet Tournament

Nothing too exiting to read here, I’m really just updating to keep this blog just a little bit better than completely dead ...

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You can now write your own Poker Blog

in PokerDIY
Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 Internet Live

Looking forward to sharing many new rules on the poker blog....

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It's like..

in Ramblings of a Mad Man (A.K.A Online Poker Thoughts)
Date: Mon, Oct 7, 2013

It's like two people live inside of me. No I do not hear them talking.

One is calm and peaceful and plays his cards or does the right thing.

Then the other one gets fed up. Jacks not holding up enough. Plans not working. It all stays inside for a while and everything ...

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The Norbert No-Show: Bwin.Party Boss Teufelberger Skips French Court Date

in Poker Gossip - Fresh Online Poker News & Views
Date: Sun, Sep 29, 2013 Internet

From the "Do as I say, not as I do" department comes the tale of CEO Norbert Teufelberger, who was in the news for ...

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